Can intelligent voice control still play this? Wake-up

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Xiao An, open the window, I want to see the stars

Xiao An, navigating the way home

Xiao An, let the first music listen?


If you are the iron powder of Changan car, we believe that you have used the over-vehicle smart voice control system, experience the driving service that you can also get intimate. In fact, there are still some freshly known awakening "gameplay", let us experience the experience?


What function does speech control can achieve?


How to wake up?

Enter the cockpit, you can directly say "Xiaoyan, Hello", summon Xiaoan to carry out the next service, or say "Summon Li Bai", experience different voice services, and then directly say driving needs.

Navigation service

After awakening smart, if you need to go to a destination, you can say "I think XX) (as" I want to go Beijing "), the interface will display whether it is direct navigation, or manually set, if you issue" Navigation instructions, the system will automatically generate different navigation routes for you to choose.

play music

唤醒智能小安后,若要听音乐您可以提出“我想听XX的歌”,(如”我想听五月天的歌“),或是我想听XXX(直接说出曲目),即可play music 。

Other voice control functions

控制天窗及升降车门的步骤,同导航及play music 的操作相类似:如若您说“打开遮阳帘”,即可实现打开天窗功能;如果说“关闭/打开车窗”,即可以实现升降车窗功能。


What is interesting to play?

Give a small security name

Take Changan CS75PLUS as an example, we can customize the word according to personal preferences. For example, after awakening Xiao An, say "I want to give you a name called XXX", you can use the new name to call the car system.

Ask Xiaolian 100,000 why

Changan Automobile Smart Car Machine System has a "noun explanation" function. In the networked state, if you present your own questions to Xiaoyan (such as Xiao An, what is good in the evening English word?) !

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