5 sins of today's headline: self-face, robot reply, perfunctory attitude, wrong

ioeinternet 26/09/2021 1813

From 2018, it was officially created in today's headlines, and I have encountered a variety of unreasonable arpper in this platform. Some problems have never been solved, and some even solved, most of them are tailing in very unmetive states.

There is no way, the platform is boss, even if it is unreasonable, even if the creator is dissatisfied, it is the final result, negotiating with the platform, the creator is always in a weak party, only obey.

For example, some of the video of multiple videos of my own (shooting, explaining, editing, plus, plus music, subtitles) is considered violation, experience the background appeal, artificial feedback, the final result is still the official Overlord to determine, deducted The violation, eventually deprive my video original qualification, and take a deduction of 20 points. I have also sent a related article, why no longer sends original video, because the recommended and review mechanism of the headline is too garbage

The final result is that these seven videos have not been obtained by multiple feedback, which is always processed.

About this content, you can know, there have been more feedback from the creators who have experienced such experiences.

Since then, I also encountered various officials on the headlines. Participating in the event essay activity, actually considered violations, advertising, limited to recommend fans. Angry, I have experienced complaints, and after the artificial feedback robot reply, I will also issue a detailed passing of the complaint again. As a vicious self-media platform, can the headline of the pit that really will continue to die?

And very ridiculous, you put a chamfer to them, they don't look at it, they also have to draw the conclusions of mobile phone soft text, but don't you know that this mobile phone activity is just the headline I posted? Can you only say that the official hits your own face, where is the face?

Later, they responded to the article, but the recommended amount and the amount of reading have not changed, and the article is like this.

Of course, this is not the first time, even if it is a movie article, it is a hot event. It will also encounter a variety of unexpected treatment. The final poor data made me start to miss the headline of the head, the article reading and recommended amount data Nice time, not today's reading amount is low to dozens or even bit numbers.

Since then, in this year, I participated in the event of the headline, one is limited, I don't want to waste more energy in the media; the second is the support of the headlines to signed, or their platform thinks looks smooth, but in The headline Qingyun plans to cancel, many self-media creators have spent a few days of writing a few days, and their data is low, and it is very unrealistic to rely on self-media depth content.

But now, it is unreasonable to respond to the unreasonable response of the two-year-old, the essay activity released by the platform is limited, and it is considered to be advertising marketing. This is true that it should be in the rain, you can deny your own existence for the cloud. This is really a wonderful! It is estimated that there is no head from the headline throughout the media, because who does not respect the user, service users, users will die.

And all the complaints are invalid, and the official never thinks it is wrong. In this case, artificial feedback has become the only way to solve problems. Just if you count the artificial image of the headline, it is too simple to take the headline too much.

So for today's headlines, it can only be used in garbage, and the essay activities issued by themselves are actually advertising. Feedback is all the robot reply, solving the problem, perfunctory, there is no sincerity to solve the problem. Such a unscrupulous company is still going down, don't waste social resources.


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