970 to 1136 Nature preface (translation)

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Rendering from Martin Dimnik's The Nature of Princiely Rule Innovgorod from 970 to 1136

After 970 AD, Stvia Toslaf Igorvic appointed his son Vladimir as the first prince of Novgorod, Novgorod became the most coveted after Kiev. territory.

Despite this, it did not tell us whether Vladimir and Wang Gong, who manage Novgorod, who managed to manage Novgorod, or whether he regards his existence as a temporary appointment, just like Before he had done the mayor of Negvgor.

Yan Ning thought that the reality was the latter. He quoted a paragraph in the 1014 years of the past, telling the son of Vladimir, Yaroslav (later known as "wise") in rule Novgorod, Refuse to provide a tribute to him in Kiev.

The chronicle of the chronology said: "The mayor of Novgorod provides Gongjin to Yaroslav, but he did not give these fathers who have been in Kiev."

In Yian Ning, this sentence suggests the relationship between the mayor and Wang Gong, ie, Yaroslav is a Mayor of Wang Gong's influence in Novgorod. [Note 1]

According to Yia Ning's point of view, Novgorod Wang Gong and Novgorod Mayor are not very different, they are all appointed from Kiev Wang Gong.

In other words, from Vladimir, all Wang Gong, Novgorod, is just a member of the mayor of Novgorod. However, the mayor of Novgorod can't be with the Wang Congos, because in addition to political authority, Wang Gong's title also symbolizes the ancestors of the Trickfami Rirak's blood and political authority. [Note 2]

Other places, Yan Ning observed that when Novgorod did not have Wang Gong, mana

ging Novgorod's mayor Cosnia and Ostrimir's state and management of Novgorod Wang Gong. Similarly, these princes are: Yaroslav, Igal and Vladimir, Mshazlav Iguslavich, Greb Svia Toslavic, Sviartopol Krislavic, Mstislaf Vladimovic, these mayor and Wang Gong are similar to the status of Novgorod.

In other words, they are representatives of Kiev Wang Gong, they all fulfill the same functions. Kiev Wang Gong can appoint his son, or a Basale that is not belonging to the River family is Novgorod, Wang Gong or mayor.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the annual history and indirect evidence are supported by the argument. From the middle of the End of the middle of the elderly, Novgorod King Gong is just a temporary appointment of Kiev Wang Gong? Kiev Wang Gong can use himself a son or the Mayor of Bayer replaces Wang Gong in Novgorod, is it.

Alternatively, in contrast to Yanyin's claim, whether Novgorod King Gong uses this city as his family heritage, and in addition to Kiev Wang Gong, can other Wang Gong to appoint a son for Novgorod?

Note 1: Here, Yaroslav is the Mayor of deception, he wants to pay this tribute. The pants fart, so Yaroslav is not as good as the mayor of Wang Gong in the influence and power.

Note 2: Here is some, it is roughly that Novgorod Wang Gong is Novgorod, Novgorod Mayor is the mayor of Novgorod, although Wang Gong is Novgoroo , But still can't be equal to the city.

This is my first translation. If there is an inappropriate place, please take it, and I will work hard to correct it in the comment area.

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