970-1166 Novgorod King Gong's nature background + Svia Toslavia (translation)

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Rendering from Martin Dimnik's The Nature of Princiely Rule Innovgorod from 970 to 1136


In 862, in the discussion: After the Slavia tribes in the north, they have been fighting between them after they have been tribute to their tribute. In order to establish peace, they decided to invite a prince to rule them, and tried them fairly to rule them.

They sent the festival to Varanji, with three brothers came back to make the leader, and the boss returned Novgorod as his public.

In 879 AD, the chronicle of the chronicle announced the death of Telker. However, before he died, he gave his blound to his relatives, and his son Igor was paid to him.

In the age, Novgorod invited a kinggong to rule them, and they probably want to let Tirik and his descendants become their hereditary monarchs and enjoy all the monarch privileges.

In other words, Novgorod is a life-age heritage of Ririke. He will give him the heir. Novgorord did not invite another prince to replace Trik, but stayed. Give his blind to his relative Alex, which indicates that Novgorod is considered to be a permanent property of Rick [Note 1], we have no clear text evidence to confirm that Novgorod will stay The life of the Rick family and became the attack of Novgorod.

In contrast to the expectations of Novgord, Oreg disrupted their plans. In an uncertain date after the death of River, Igol left Novgorod to Kiev.


Allocation of Stvia Tosslav

About one hundred years later, Novgorod made a request in Novgorod in 970 years, their request is to repeat their requirements in 862, when they invited Varan Ji'an to provide them Wang Gong. That is to say, they are looking for a king, he will rule a dynasty.

In 970 AD, Chronicle History said, Svia Tosslaw assigned Kiev to his eldest son Yarobolk. Oreg's Territory of Derevilian tribes and the capital of Vimci [annotation 2]. After these appointments, Novgorodes demanded them to also appoint a king.

If Stvia Toslav refuses their request, then Novgorod will choose to join other countries. So Svia Toslav referred to Flamir, his son, Flagimir, and his uncle Dora Novgorod.

It is worth noting that when recording Yarobolk is appointed as a Kiev ruler and Oreg, the annual history writer pointed out that "Svia Tosslaw appointed Yarobolk) Kiev ruler and Oreg are Derevlian rulers. "

Despite the chronicle of Histoist, Svia Toslav Patrigmir did not use the word "mayor", but we can assume that this is also suitable for him.

Later, as we will see, in 980, the annual history wrote to Vladimir's appointment of Dolrenia in Novgorod, using the mayor. [Note 3]

At this point, the use of the Mayor's use shows that these three sons are Swaslav's deputy in the towns, and he puts Bulgaria's Perena as its own capital.

However, Vladimir is similar to the mayor's responsibilities like Yapeng's functions in Novgorod.

In 1997, the nomad Peace Nen Gigman killed him from Stvia Toslav.

After his father died, Yaropolk inherited his position, and the annihon did not say that his Kiev's identity gave him what power to rule Oreg and Vladimir. We can speculate that Yaropolk has a moral authority of his brothers as Kiev, and he can give Gongjin to his brothers.

About this evidence suggests that when returning Rick Death is coming in Kiev, I have used it as a new capital. Ollg asked the tribes around Kiev to tribute to him, Bundley Lianren [annotation 4]. He also levied Novgoro's three hundred golden Grifner every year, Novgorod has been paying this money to 1054, which is until the wise man is in the year of Yaroslav. Therefore, the conclusion we can get is that Alex and Vladimir are subject to these treaties.

In 1997, we know that there is an Oreg who meets an Yarobolk to hunt on his territory, so he killed this person. Yaropolk and Kiev people were angry, they used violence, Yaropolk was hiest in Vemchi, and Orege died in the battle, Yarobolk control His territory.

Seeing your own fate of my mother's mother, Flagimir worried about his life, he fled the land of the Vallangi, and Yaro Poolke took advantage of Vladimir left Novgorod, sent him. In this way, he became the only ruler in Ross.

Yaropolk took the fact that this fact was captured by force to capture the Alex Legacy territory: he did not have enough political advantages in politics to let him revoke the position of the Vibchi King of Oreg. In other words, Vermch is the permanent property of Oreg.

Remember, because of the destiny of Oleg, Vladimir is even more worried about your life, and Yarobolk will drive his brother out of Novgoro's only approach is also a force. Novgorod is Vladimir's permanent property. Because if Vladimir is just the Mayor of Yarobolk, Yaropolk only needs an order to let him leave Novgorod.

It is the threat of force forcing Vladimir to escape. It is this power to make Yarobolk to conquer Novgorod, and appointed their own mayor to manage it. This is Vladimir and the mayor. Provenance of similar power.

It is worth noting that Yaropolk controls Novgorod through the mayor of his appointment. After Vladimir escaped, the information about Yarobolk sent the mayor's information to the Mayor of Novgorod [annotation 5]. After the Oreg, Kiev's Wang Gong is likely to follow this principle from the Austrian era.

In addition, we should notice that Yaropolk sent some administrative chief to replace Vladimir. This means that in addition to capturing the control of Novgorod, he also claims that Novgorod has jurisdiction, and these cities have been under the jurisdiction of Flagimir.

If Vladimir controls Novgorod and its all sent whistle, this indicates that the city of Novgorod, has had jurisdiction over some towns who go to the Mayor of Yaropolk.

This is not a similar power to Wang Gong and the mayor. Wang Gong clearly has a greater power. It is very likely that Vladimir himself manages the foreigners of Novgorod through his mayor.

The current Novgorod Mayor is Yaropolk appointed, he is loyal to him as Kiev. Yaropolk did not appoint Vladimir to Noshov, because he is not loyal to Yarobolk as the mayor.

In fact, the Yaropolkist's own manned Novgorod in his name, Vladimir is not managed by Yarobolk. Vladimir as a brother of Yarobolki, although he is smaller than Yarosolk, but his relationship with Yarobolk is equal in family spectrum and politically equally.

Any time, we see that Wang Gong and the mayor are not the same, Vladimir can have Novgorod as Wang Gong, but the mayor is only Yarobolk city detention people.

In addition, based on the annual history, Yaropolk invaded his two brothers, making himself a single ruler. From this, we can conclude that before Yarobolk invaded his two brothers, his brother is the dictator of their land, not the political part of Yarobolk.

Similarly, due to Svia Toslav assigned Wychim and Novgorod to Oreg and Vladimir, we can think that Svia Toslav will give Kiev as his legacy to Yarot. Bolk. Therefore, Yarobolk does not have the right to seize the land of the two brothers, and the two brothers have no right to bring Yarobolk to Kiev.

In contrast, in 1990, Vladimir took Novgorod with the help of Varanji mercenary. After expulsion of the mayor of Yalopol, Vladimir is sitting on the throne of Novgorod. "

The throne of sitting in a city is a compilation of the authors to express Wang Gong as a standard for monarch rulers to occupy a certain region. The previous standard has never been used to manage Novgoro's mayor.

Moreover, the raising foreign army and using military power from a hostile prince's territory is also an independent ruler. Therefore, Vladimir expels the mayor of Yarobolk reflects his politicity.

If Vladimir is just Kiev's ministers, he will probably let the Yarobolkist will manage the mayor of the city to continue to control the town, because he and them are the same Wang Gong's subject. Conversely, Vladimir regards Novgorod as its own private property, and Yarobolk is unable to make any request.

Flagimir once again proved his position as the Novgoro Wang Gong before Kiev with his brother. [Note 6] He sent people to see Plock's ruler Rogoord, telling him that her daughter is a wife.

After the Rodvo Lodget refused to marry Vladimir, Vladimir convened a big army consisting of Varanji, Sora, Chu Direns and Krevic. He surrounded Plock, killing Luo Gwar Luode and his son, and married Rogneda.

The daughter requiring adjacent rulers as a wife, led a military war against different ethnic groups, occupying the capital of a family territory, and killed its rulers, these are not Wang Gong's deputy (mayor) can do it. .

Vladimir's behavior indicated as a king, he believes that he proposes independent rulers of the United States to join the union of the Union, Rogoord, is equal.

After plundering Plocksk, Vladimir entered the Kiev. He accused Yaropolk's committed crimes. First, provoke the self-sacrifice between the brothers, and he challenged the brothers of the same father, and payd the price for his brothers. Based on the age, the death of Oleg is the main motivation of Flagimir attack. He is obviously in line with the moral norms of the Varangi people, which requires him to die for his brothers.

Second, Vladimir may follow another Varanji tradition, he accuses Yaro Poolk occupies the entire territory of Orege without sharing with him, which is a mistake to him.

The latter allegations showed that Vladimir revenge to Yaro Poolk for yourself, this is undoubtedly the most important reason for Vladimir attacks with the father's mother.

The second allegations of Vladimir showed that according to his views of the original rules, that is, Yaropolk can't ask all the land of Oreg. Vladimir's objections confirmed that Yarobolke is not a maximum ruler in a central centralized country.

The late Heritage territory is automatically returned to him due to Yaro Poolk's body, while Vladimir insists that he has equal rights to the land of Olger. He believes that as the independence of Novgorod, he has the same royal descent with Yarobolk, and he also has the right to ask the territory of Alex. These are not the requirements of the Mayor of Novgorod, but as the equal requirements of Wang Gong.

In the struggle in Vladimir and Yarobolk, Yaropolk was killed, according to the record in the history of the year, Fragimir began to ruling alone alone. Novgorod is no longer the only territory of Vladimir, which is again absorbed by Grand Progun in Kiev and becomes one of the territories of Vladimir. At this point, Novgorodians discovered that they lost another independent king.

As mentioned earlier, in 970, Dolinia accompanied Vladimir with Uncle Vladimir to Novgoro. In 19980, we were told Vladimir to appoint Dobreona for his mayor in Novgorod.

Therefore, after the ruler that Flagamir became the rulers of Kiev, the emulation of Yarobolk and sent his deputy to Novgorod. Although Dorania is a relative of Vladimir, he is not a truly powerful person, Novgorod is not a private property of Dolrenia. Instead, he is just to manage Novgorod, Vladimir, and Vladimir is Kiev.

[Note 1]: Since Terrik can give Novgorod to Oreg through the will, it means that he has a comprehensive power to Novgorod.

[Note 2]: Today's Ukraine Ovru, this translated name I translated.

[Note 3]: This word is "Posadniki", meaning that Novgorod or Puscov's mayor or executive, the mayor of the article refers to this word.

[Note 4]: Derevilian is a special tribe in Kiev Rose, because they have killed Kiev Grand.

[Note 5]: Here I have some misinterpreted English, but it is not so strange, contacting the context, saying that I will contact the translation of self-thinking.

[Note 6]: About the comparison of power here, it is clear that two groups of relationships, Novgorod Mayor Power is greater than Novgorod King Gong refers to the power in Novgorod, and here Novgogo Rodd King Gongbino Rhodes should always refer to Jess.

Regarding these annotations, it is actually annotated, if there is an error, please refer to it.

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