Female writer recalls the process of bombing in the 2013 Orleans shooting, afterwards and gunmen reached an understanding

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The United States now has more than 40,000 people every year because of guns, but there are nearly 100,000 people who have a gun and live, so the US gun injury surgery world is the world.

Ok, I didn't talk about this data, but I want to say, since there are so many people in each year, then the appearance of this in the collapse egg will be more storyteliness, so the dog is in addition to shooting Columns, but also to open a shot survivor column, after all, material is not shortage ~

This unlucky protagonist is deborah cotton, this aunt is a writer, so after things will experience the experience and vote on thrillist (a foreign website)

Things happened on May 9, 2013 Mother's Day, Louisiana New Orleans, at that time, Daibola and the men's ticket were shooting Mother's Day celebration parade on the street. As a result, after a street, I just met the local gangfang fire fight. It is exactly two kinds of gangs. I will hold the gun to retaliate about the other black bleam. After the two sides meet, I will start to slap. The black gang who was hit was mixed with 5 guns, but they came over. But the sad reminder is that 19 people were injured in the crush, of which Daughg was the most serious injuries.

(Monitoring screen when shooting, ↑)

, I didn't realize my injury when I was in the middle, just felt that I was lost by a prank. Just like a child, the grandmother took her to buy ice cream, and the brothers who were born with the cobblestone (the magical description of Westerners ...)

However, people on the street began to panic, run around, the gunshots echoed around, and the Bo Bula had to accept a fact - she was hit by the bullets.

The bullet is incorporated from the position of her right / hip, and then a diagonal is shot to the left side of the rib position.

The brigade is a schematic figure, she is hitting her 9mm pistol, the reason why the incident angle is so wonderful because this is a bomb that rebound after the ground.

said she didn't feel pain, but it was only a burning feeling in the place that the bullet was passed, especially the stomach.

Then she fell, and she started to syncope. The last consciousness is "I really complete everything? I am ready to accept death?"

The coma continued only 1 to a half, and Daugh was to discover that your hands and feet can still move. At this time, his boyfriend gave him a heart and lung, comforting her and said nothing, rescue is coming soon.

The gunshots have stopped, and the wounded in the week, screaming and screaming appeared in a messy street.

(At the scene of the scene, Daibola lie on the ground, her boyfriend is trying to treat her)

When the ambulance arrived, Daibola was dizzy. When I woke up again, I was in the hospital's stretcher. The emergency elevator was sent to the operating room. At this time, Daibola feels that his nose is very uncomfortable, because inserting an oxygen pipe, the next consciousness will pull it out. The nurses on the side of the nurses put the pipe back and then Du Bula was dizzy ...

is unlucky, because the bullet breaks her stomach, right kidney, duodenal, pancreas, colon, gallbladder, etc., she experienced 12 operations in one month to spend the dangerous period. Moreover, it has been removed a considerable part of the damaged garber, and the quality of life is greatly affected. In the last three years, she moved 24 operations.

is also fortunate, and when it is hit by this, it is cold if it is hit.

However, there are a lot of serious injury sequelates, and Daibola died in 2017 due to the complication of gunshot injury, and enjoyed 52 years old.

But people are confused ... she publicly forgive the gunman Aquary Scott after discharged from the court, and later visited Aquien in the prison ... even became a friend.

Amount ... I am not very understanding the American brain circuit ...

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