Chemical industrial wastewater treatment

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Everyone knows that chemical industrial wastewater is very harmful to the environment. The chemical industry includes two major categories of organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals, and various chemical products are diverse, and the ingredients are complex, and the wastewater discharged from the chemical plant is called chemical wastewater. The chemical wastewater is diverse, most of which have poisonous, not easy to purify, have a certain accumulation in the organism, which has obvious oxygen-consuming properties in the water body, which is easily deteriorated. So what is the ingredients of the wastewater from the chemical industrial wastewater treatment project?

I. Craft wastewater: thick waste water generated during production, generally organic pollutant content, depending on the process, there may be other features, such as high salt concentration, toxic, not easy to biodegradation, etc. .

Second, washing wastewater: Washing water during the refining process of some products or intermediate products, the washing water of the reaction equipment during intermittent reactio

n. Such wastewater pollutants have a lower concentration and a large amount of water.

Third, flushing water: mainly containing solvents, raw materials, intermediates, and generated products that are scattered on the ground. The water quality and water volume of this type of wastewater is very related to the management level of the company.

Fourth, cooling water: Generally, cooling water released from the condenser or reactor jacket. Generally, the water quality of the cooling water is better, and it should be used to cool the reuse, and it should not be discharged directly.

V. Equipment leakage and accidents caused by accidents: operational mistakes and equipment leaks will cause pollution of raw materials, intermediate products or products, and consider emergency measures in wastewater governance.

Sixth, secondary pollution wastewater: generally come from the new wastewater pollution source that may be formed during wastewater or exhaust gas treatment, such as wastewater separated from the sludge dewatering system, from the exhaust gas treatment absorption tower.

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