Yumeihui E-commerce Frontier: All channel e-commerce has arrived, entrepreneurs need to be prepared

ioeinternet 04/09/2021 1932

Recently, at the first Internet conference held around the world, when the global senior officials delivered a speech: "All channels, virtual combination, break the boundary, big data analysis and intelligent push, have been standard, those in new e-commerce, those E-commerce companies that do not have big data collection and analytical capabilities must transform or close to technical platforms, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. "

The person in charge of the global e-commerce division also expressed the same point of view: all channels, new retail age, entity retail and e-commerce boundaries were broken, and it has gradually formed online and offline interconnected and penetration O-cycles. - That is, 360 degrees surrounded consumers, more comprehensive, instantly collects, understands and responds to consumer consumer behavior and purchase needs.

Under the new consumption mode, consumers value more attention is a good consumer experience, so traditional e-commerce has to strive for user viscosity by integrated changes. Therefore, the commodity stores and e-commerce should seek benign interactive interactions and integration, through capital cooperation or strategic alliance, sharing data, mutual brings, and perform key basic construction of shared logistics centers. Thus, it makes up for their own shortcomings and build retail "full channels" to provide users with better consumer services, better adapt to market changes and user needs, and take the initiative to respond to new wave with higher quality consumption and services.

Setale Global Internet Research Center also provides relevant cases and data. The person in charge of the center said: "In the face of this development trend, the Chinese and foreign e-commerce giant is not as possible to choose a positive active M & A entity retail channel, strengthen the integration of the online line, and build a large-channel retail map of the enterprise."

"On the new retail mode layout, Amazon, which is the core of B2B virtual direct, take vertical integration strategy to establish a full-scale high-efficiency logistics operation, choose the appropriate business in the way of investment or business, to make a virtual combination, and open the e-commerce The bottleneck of the business is further increased and expanded to the members' welfare and service authority. In the benign circulation, the user loyalty is improved, and the consumer information is also established to better market and push advertisements. "The person in charge said.

Alibaba is more diverse: the capital cooperation into entity retail channels, and expansion of the business platform with self-built. Integrate multi-industry, multi-channels and tools, comprehensive, sales, deposits, and consumer commodity data, strengthen relatively weak logistics links, thus 360 degrees full surrounding consumers, better bonding users and markets need. In order to adapt to the new retail of "full channels", entity retail also needs the corresponding policy adjustment and mode upgrade.

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