Official requirement, this year's teachings to end early?

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education Joint HR Social Security issued the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security on Doing a Good Job of Kindergarten Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools in 220.". The notice requires the regions to ensure that teachers recruitment tasks were completed before August 15.

Notification Original: Implementing the public recruitment of tilt policies to implement grassroots institutions, further encourage and guide more college graduates to grassroots primary and secondary school kindergarten, comprehensively strengthen teachers, especially grassroots teachers, and provide talent support for education high quality development.

In order to guide more college graduates as teachers, the country has adopted a lot of measures!

In April 2020, the Ministry of Education and other six departments, the 2020th general college graduates "100-day sprint" special actions, determined that there will be more than 400,000 graduates to supplement primary and secondary schools and kindergarten teachers.

In December 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job Entrepreneurship of 2021 National College Employment." Clarify the party and government organs, institutions, and state-owned enterprises, etc., the main graduates are mainly recruiting new college graduates.

Education is constantly developing, requires more excellent talents to join the teacher team, so the country will target college graduates!

In addition to the teacher recruitment examinations this year, many regions have released the recruitment information of the disciplines, and many posts tend to graduates for 2019, 2020, 2021.

@, the chance of entering the advice increases.

Notify the original text: To find different regions of the town, the needs of different schools, accurately recruit the disciplines, especially in accordance with national requirements and school needs, targetedly strengthen ideological and political, music, sports, art, science, Labor, special education, etc., the recruitment complement of the discipline, focus on solving the structural contradiction between the teacher team; focus on adding the supplement of kindergarten teachers to promote the reform of the school education; combined with the requirements of the college entrance examination reform class, increase the strength to supplement ordinary high school shortages Subject teachers to meet the needs of education.

Why do everyone want to go to the city, but don't want to go to the countryside?

Because everyone thinks that rural teachers have not much preparation, and there is no market teacher in the treatment and environment.

Therefore, in recent years, the number of people who apply for the city school is often more than the number of people who apply for rural schools, which leads to the market's preparations, and the competition is particularly fierce.

The rural school is very lack of teachers and the resource allocation is seriously imbalance, and the language teacher teaches sports, mathematics teachers teaching art ...

But do you know, the country has actually adopted a lot of policies to improve the treatment of rural teachers! Last year, the central government reached 9.45 billion huge funds to expand rural teachers and eliminate urban and rural differences!

These initiatives taken by the country will continue to expand the number of recruitment people in rural areas, balance urban and rural education resources and teachers.

The city row is deep, do you want to go to the countryside?

Notify the original text: All localities should start the teacher public recruitment work as soon as possible. Through a variety of ways to promote the recruitment information, optimize public recruitment registration, examination, inspection, medical examination, etc. task.

According to the Timeline released in the 20021 Fujian Teacher Recruitment Examination Announcement, in late August, the various district education bureaus, the Ministry of Human and Social Security Bureau, the list of primary and secondary schools, kindergarten new teachers, respectively, respectively Provincial Department of Education, Provincial People's Office.

The policy requires that the teacher recruitment work is completed before August 15th, so the process of teaching this year will accelerate, remember the interview announcement that Ningde has been released not long ago? The interview time is scheduled to be on May 29, that is, 10 days after the written test is announced, it will be interviewed.

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