Deep THOUGHT: IF The Theory of Quantum Mechanics Is Correct, Does It Mean That Life Is Really Meaningless?

ioeinternet 07/08/2021 2024

The meaning is relative, how to understand

First of all, about quantum mechanics is the theory of today's physical circles and relativism, but the main role of relativity is different from the macro field, which is mainly description and revealing things in the micro-field.

To some extent, the quantum theory is a philosophical "idealism", which is not substance, and it is not a matter of material, and it is necessary to determine the moment.

Quantum's entangled state, destined the relationship between things, with a small relationship with the distance, as long as it is related, no matter how far, it will interact.

So, if quantum mechanics is right, then there are two things that may be right:

1. Our present universe is a cell that is a giant organism.

Under the cosmic scale, I feel very big, but big and small are relative. If the universe is just a cell, then there is no doubt that we are now a slightly short dust.

This is very similar to what we have seen in any cell unlimited amplification now.

I used to guess this conjecture, human beings have always feel that it is very fearful, because if this is true, what kind of class is it?

2, we don't exist, just a collection of consciousness.

Do we exist? This is a problem that many people often think. We feel that we exist, that is because the brain waves reflected to us, in the form of electromagnetic waves, feedback tells us that we can touch and see everything.

However, if the brain is lying? It is not that we control the brain, which is the brain control us.

Everything we have perceived and see does not exist, just thinking things, it is like "hypertrophy" final uncertainty.

In fact, this is not reasonable. Think about the idea of high dimensional time and space, the highest dimension is any shuttle time and space, modify everything. Isn't this our thoughts? We dream is the sky, a thought can cross the barriers of the universe, reach the universe, shuttle the future, returns to the past, this can be more than the speed is fast.

Then what is the meaning of life?

This first reaction is that quantum mechanics is wrong, and life is not meaningful, there is no absolute relationship.

Even if it is above, we are the dust in someone else's cells, even if we don't exist, but our day isn't there? Is the mortgage?

Moreover, the meaning of life is the realization of self-value. Can't let the life lose interest because of the results of knowing.

Then we know from a birth, we will go old after dozens, die, then we work hard to go to school? Earn more money, not to die.

This is the same, no matter what, no matter how the universe is the truth of the universe, we live in the moment!

This is the most meaningful.

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