40.5kv Column Vacuum Circuit Breaker Selection ZW32-40.5 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

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Shaanxi Taikai High-pressure Switches Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ZW32-40.5 intelligent high voltage switch with an extensive generator, or a permanent magnet mechanism, ZW32 series 40.5kV Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker for exchange 50Hz three-phase power System, as a score, a load current, overload current, and short-circuit current. It can be used in the control and protection of power plants, substations, power equipment, and power lines, and can also be used in frequent operations, not only for the construction of new substations, but also installed on cement rods from far 35kV lines. Intelligent with voltage transformers and intelligent controllers can achieve remote control, and view modern distribution networks such as accidents.

General Situation of Electric Power Engineering Construction Technology and Management

2.1 Today's electric power engineering construction technology

In power engineering construction, in power engineering construction, it is mainly able to work through construction technology, so that the relevant power engineering construction staff can better understand the situation of the construction site, the characteristics of the project, project construction The main significance, and clarify the construction requirements of power engineering to ensure the construction requirements of power engineering, operation procedures, and construction tasks, which can meet the construction quality and related requirements and related requirements, and realize the quality of power engineering.

2.2 Characteristics of power engineering construction technology

The characteristics of power engineering construction techniques are mainly the characteristics of coexisting and special power engineering construction technologies. It is mainly co-satisfactory and specialty. In the construction of power engineering construction, it has achieved commonality with other project construction, which is through different Several links complete the specific work of the project to complete the project. In addition, power engineering construction technology has a certain particularity in a certain particularity, which is different from other projects.

Structural features:

A.ZW32-40.5 series of products is generally pillar, three-phase being coated on one organ box, and the arc interruption dynamic end is associated with an output shaft of the mechanism by an arms and an insulating rod. The agency and the link coupled to the circuit breaker are in a waterproof box. The drive of the circuit breaker is composed of a link and a turning arm, and the dynamic end of the extinguishing chamber is connected by an output shaft of the insulating rod, the link and the actuator. The rotation of the output shaft is driven to achieve an arc interruption chamber moving contact, and the action is separated.

b. The ZW40.5 series is mainly composed of a vacuum extinguishing room, current transformer, transmission mechanism, and actuator. This production can be equipped with electromagnetic and spring mechanisms. In order to avoid a series of problems caused by the charge SF6 gases and the oil, this product uses dry, maintenance and maintenance.

C.ZW32-40.5 series products are equipped with current transformers, with four windings per phase, two for measurement, and two

Protection. According to customer needs, you can install a current transformer of 100: 5,200: 5,400: 5,800: 5,1000: 5,1600: 5.

d. The actuation mechanism and the connecting rod are mounted in the organizer, the mechanism box is waterproof, in order to prevent the inner electrical control components from being tidy, the organizer is equipped with electric heater.

e. Transmission mechanisms, including insulating tie rods, turning arms, and guide rods, adjustment of the length of the insulating rod and the guide bar, and adjust the opening and overrouting of the switch.

f. Conductive circuit principle

The current is introduced through the upper and lower line terminals to the null and moving ends of the vacuum, and is taken out by soft connection and current transformers to the lower terminal.

g. Principle of conductive circuit

The current is introduced through the upper and lower line terminals to the null and moving ends of the vacuum, and is taken out by soft connection and current transformers to the lower terminal.

Living, installation and debugging:

When the product lifting a hanging circuit breaker, you must hook four lifting rings on the circuit breaker, slowly lift, and ensure that the wire rope should not touch the insulating tie and porcelain bottle to avoid damage to the product.

1. The circuit breaker is in a homogeneous, in whole form;

2. During transportation and loading and unloading, you must not flip, tilt, and take shockproof measures;

3.1 Check before installation

To ensure safe and reliable operation, the following checks should be installed before installation.

a. After the packaging is removed, first check the appearance of the examiner, such as whether the porcelain bottle has cracks, whether the surface of the mechanism box is intact. Nameplate data is consistent with the order requirements.

b. Check if the attachment taken is complete, to pass the certificate, product manual, etc.

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