Postgraduate Application Guide

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Postgraduate college selection

A. Three (in the region, this school, this specialist) is the easiest success

B. Three-cross (cross-regional, cross-school, cross-professional) is the most difficult success

C. One of the idealities of a second cross (this major, cross-regional, cross school)

D. Two a cross (local, this major, cross school) is the most successful

E. Both one cross (local, this school, cross-profession) is the best success

2. Colleges and professional choices

Considering the actual situation and the actual situation of all aspects.

3. Postgraduate subjects

A total of four doors: two public classes, a basic class (mathematics or professional foundation), a professional class.

Two public classes: politics, foreign languages.

One basic class: mathematics or professional foundation.

A professional class (divided into 13 major categories): philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, historical, science, engineering, agronomical, medical, military, management, art, etc.

Among them: ASUS, Western Medicine, Education, History, Psychology, Computer, Agriculture, etc., is a special exam class; other non-test professional courses are independent propositions of colleges and universities.

4. Postgraduate time

The second weekend per year.

5. Postgraduate score (total 500 points)

Politics: 100 points

Foreign language: 100 points

Mathematics or professional foundation: 150 points

Professional class: 150 points

Among them: The management class is 300 points (including two 100 points for foreign languages, 200 points for management class).

6. Test paper structure:

Politics: (Massism Basic Principles 24 points, Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of M

ao Zedong Socialism Socialism, 30 points, China's modern history outline 14 points, 16 points for thinking and legal basis, contemporary world economic and situation and policies 16 points)

Foreign language: Fill in the blank 10 points, read A40 points, read B (ie new topic) 10 points, translation 10 points, 20 points, small composition 10 points

Mathematics: Scientific and Engineering (Number One, Count 2) Economic (number three)

Number one: 56% high, linear algebra, 22% of probability

Number: 78% high, linear algebra 2%, no probability statistics

Third: 56% high, 22% linear algebra, probability statistics 22%

7. Registration and exam time (subject to the website announced)

(1) Online consultation: September 22-26 (9: 00-17: 00)

(2) Forecast name: September 25 - September 28th (9: 00-22: 00)

(3) Formal registration: October 10 - 31 (9: 00-22: 00)

(4) On-site confirmation: November 10th to November 14th

Candidates should conduct online registration and on-site confirmation within the registration time specified by the Ministry of Education.

(Refer to the 2016 Postgraduate Registration Time)

8. Graduate exam time: 3 hours per subject

First morning politics (8: 30-11: 30)

Afternoon (2: 00-5: 00)

The next morning Mathematics or Professional Basic Class (8: 30-11: 30)

Diverse professional class (2: 00-5: 00)

9. Examination results announcement time: March every year

(1) Retest is generally in 3-50

(2) The weight of the retest in the postgraduate research is 30% ~ 50%

(3) Retest is divided into written test and interview

(4) written test and professional written test of written tests

(5) Interview is divided into foreign language portions and professional interviews

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