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During the preparation of this preparation, some classmates often have some concerns and negative emotions in the rest of the review, and they have increased a little unnecessary psychological burden for themselves. Xiaobian sorted out some of the concerns and negative emotions that were often developed in the preparation of the students in the preparation of the students, and summarized some of the small ways of resolve, hoped to help the students who were preparing for the examination, ready to participate in the exam.

First, often emotional irritability

During the review, it is easy to say, especially finding that he sits all day before the desk. It will naturally have a nervousness, embarrassment, undoubtedly a precious time for a day.

Workaround: When you are irritating, you can do some things you like or interested in time, don't make negative emotions too long. After adjustment, it is necessary to reflect on yourself. Why is learning efficiency, when you study, what are you doing, find the reason. Finally, I think about my goals. I think everyone is working hard, I can't be falling.

Second, what should I do?

This is a little idea that will be born in many classmates, so much, what should I do? I can't take it. It is not white to waste this year.

Solution: Develop a goal that is more in line with your own actual capabilities, then the whole body is going to review, don't think about anything else, the do things not taken are people, every day is worried, only unnecessary psychology Burst, just tell yourself: "As long as I work hard, I will not regret it!"

Third, pressure is highlighted

After studying all day, lying in bed at night, the brain is still running at high speed, sometimes it is very tired, but I can't sleep, my heart thinks that there is still important course tomorrow, and I will affect the state of the next day. , Try to fall asleep in a variety of ways, no more painful.

Solution: Good sleep can make the body get timely and effective rest and relaxation. If you think about it, you will be easily insomnia in the night. Some people say that in the evening is because there is no courage to end this day, remind himself. At the same time, it is necessary to put into action, don't give the brain too much pressure, this day's task is very good, naturally sleeping in the evening.

The process of specialization of this preparation, except for the ultimate goal, it is actually a process of experience on his academic ability, maybe when you really enter the examination room, you will really understand, all worry is extra, you will only Thank you for your own efforts in the past, all the pay is worth it!

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