[Evaluation] An Nanyhong Crystal Ling Snow White Edition LiQmax III 360 Argb White Comparison NH-U12A is tested ~

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An Nanyi Enermax AIO-integrated water-cooled products have always been a high CP value, this main character of this introduction, the main corner of the rainbow, LIQMAX III 360 argb White is not only beautiful, the ARGB magic, but also challenges PC DIY's special field - white belief!

As always, it is based on the scope of the newcomer. Is this a expectation? Please look at the subsequent opening box and test ~


Product packaging

LIQMAX III 360 Argb White box is a common color box package, printed with the major brand RGB linkage.

In addition to the product specifications, the back side of the packaging has also marked six specials, namely the patented double chamber water cordial design, patented SCT shunt technology combined with cold water straight copper bottom design, high wind volume argb fan, double curved fan leaves design, integrated type RGB Control Box, Aurabelt Lapse Water Cool Head.

Official specifications

Supply which platform? What are the accessories?

LIQMAX III 360 Argb White supports AMD mainstream platform, Intel supports the HEDT platform.

Accessories include AMD / Intel universal backplane, mounting buckle, various screws, PWM fan divisions, Argb points / cable, Argb controller, 3 PIN to SATA power cord, heat dissipation cream, manual, etc.

Install a small reminder

The installation method is similar to other brands integrated water, and the matching buckle and mounting screws are selected in the user CPU foot.

Cold row screw adopts # 6-32 UNC, commonly known as M3.5, users should pay attention to using M3 or M4 screws to avoid latching damage.


Water cold head design

LIQMAX III 360 ARGB WHITE的Water cold head design 有两个重点:

The first is to use a patented biscal body water and cold head. Since the water pump operation also generates heat, the double cavity can prevent the water pump to heat the two heat sources of the CPU, which can improve the life of the water pump.

The second is the patented SCT split technology, simply uses the water-censor-free copper bottom (CCI) structure, so that the water flow is straight at the bottom, and then the water is quickly exported through the patented SCT technology, increasing heat dissipation efficiency.

The appearance is a black acrymed panel, and the Aurabelt light-collar design is performed periphery.

Water-cooled design

The water is cold, the thickness is 27mm, the fins are single wave design, all of which are all white, and even the water-tubing joint is also in line with white control.

The water pipe length is about 400 mm, using a knitted network tube, the color is a pearl white, which is slightly different from the pure white of the cold row.

Fan design

Fan model UCFH12P-Argb, fan blade, double curved design, can strengthen the wind pressure and air volume, the maximum wind pressure 1.98mmH2O, the highest air volume 72.1cfm, the maximum speed of 1600 rpm, the thin water cord for 27 mm is relatively sufficient.

The main frame and wire are all white, and the quarter is equipped with a shock absorbing pad, built 12 illusions RGB lamp beads, support Argb.


test introduction

This test will compare the NH-U12A, using the system stability test of AIDA64, check the Stress CPU, Stress FPU, Stress Cache, and the temperature during the record and calculate the average. Test the time of 25 degrees at the time, the operating system: Windows 10 20H2.

On the one hand, on the one hand, the price of these two products is similar. On the other hand, it is hesitant to consider the user in the top of the top air cooling and entry water. We first rule out the subjective factors such as brand beliefs and appearance. Clearing efficiency is identified.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Motherboard: MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk (BIOS: 7C91VA5)

Memory: g.skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 CL14 8GB * 2

Display card: MSI GeForce GT 1030 2G

Storage: WD_BLACK SN750 500GB

Power Supply: Corsair RM750 750W

Radiator: Enermax Liqmax III 360 Argb Whitenoctua NH-U12A

Case: naked test

Display: VG289Q


第一个测试环境是R9 3900X PBO 设定为Enable,其他设定不动。

The final result is that the CPU using the LiQmax III 360 Argb White can run higher frequencies, about 38MHz higher than NH-U12A, and the temperature is still about 3.7 degrees.

Overclocking test

The second test will overclock over R9 3900X to 4.3 GHz, and the voltage is set to 1.3V.

The temperature of LiQmax III 360 Argb White is about 9 degrees lower than NH-U12A. It can be said that it is completely showing the advantages of 360 water-cooled steel using 360 water cooled.

Average temperature and power consumption


Rainbow Crystal Lingxue White Edition Liqmax III 360 Argb White made a large white design, the refreshing look is very comfortable, the argb magic light is quite beautiful, the white control PC DIY player has a good one. select!

Although there is more lines and must be self-supplied, it takes a little more time to pay for the newcomer. The price is actually more close, and the manufacturer provides the service of the three-year leak-proof, and let the player have a lot of peace of mind, and the other is, The performance of heat dissipation is impressive, not only a lot of top-level empty cooling, but also is relatively sufficient everyday overclocking.

It is recommended to give a player who likes white appearance and wants to save a bit of budget and do not want to lose performance.

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