BMW Brilliance Named TOP 10 in 2021 LinkedIn's Top Companies Ranking

ioeinternet 22/07/2021 1759

(Beijing) In the recent annual list of "2021 Leadership Top Company Rankings", Brilliance BMW as the only car company finalized the top ten lists. This selection is based on the data of 70 million members of LinkedIn, and through strict screening and data analysis, this selection is designed to help workplace discovery ideal companies that are most conducive to career development. Leading Top Company Leaderboard From the promotion capacity, skill growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversification, education background, etc. Corporate concept.

Mr. Nanlin, senior Vice President of Human Resources, BMW Motor Co., Ltd., said: "The automotive industry is experiencing a major transformation from never before, and talent has become the key core competitiveness of BMW Brilliance, and the sustainability of the company. The development is especially important. Therefore, Brilliance BMW will guide business capabilities, lead the team and collaborative ability, and self-growth capacity as the three important indicators of talent assessment. "

BMW Brilliance always puts the employee's career development direction. As an employer, Brilliance BMW provides employee is not only a job, but also a stage of growth and application talents, and doing "people do their best, accelerate development." First, build a broader learning platform for employees, fully convert traditional learning model, focusing on online training, and continuous innovation in learning form; secondly, actively assist business units and employees to create continuous learning work environments, accelerate talent development, For example, combined with the development characteristics of various functions, tailor-made exclusive "talent development projects". At the same time, Brilliance BMW always follows the company's strategy to promote talents transformation. For existing employees, the corresponding digital training is continuously focused, and the recruitment of professional talents in the fields of large data, cloud computing.

In terms of talent recruitment, Brilliance BMW continues to innovate, but not only the "full process immersion online virtual recruitment", but also analyzes new generation of social interests and features, new social media such as B station, shake, opened the recruitment account, Introducing the open gesture and talent introduction to the cultural, values of the Morning BMW, attracting many-minded talents. Under the conditions of the epidemic, BMW Brilliance quickly launched innovative digital means and breaks through traditional recruitment channels. For example, in time, online recruitment will be launched, apply VR technology to build virtual recruitment halls, and apply AI interview technology in the production recruitment and campus recruitment. These new initiatives reflect the innovative thinking of human resources work.

Talent is the cornerstone of the company's sustainable development. Adhering to people-oriented philosophy, Brilliance BMW will continue to pay attention to the introduction and development of talents.

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