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This world can arrange, only your heart. This world is not terrible, not tight, only lost yourself. There is also a long way to have a long way, you have to go alone, you will rely on yourself, and complete it with your own ability. This road, the story is the moment yesterday, along the long road, suddenly dreams, forever.

On Wednesday (May 12), the US Department of Labor's data showed that the US consumer price index increased by 4.2% from the same period in April, set the biggest increase in more than 12 years; the core CPI rose by 0.9%, set from 1982 The biggest increase in the core CPI since April.

Affected by this, the US dollar index rose more than 60 points to 90.78; spot gold has fluctuated sharply under a few wave huge funds, and the initial price of the data declines, but then quickly regains the gains and refreshes the sun to 1843.58. Dollar / oz.

After the report released, the Federal President Clarid said that although he felt "accident" on strong CPI data, it is largely the importance of "temporary" inflation soaring.

However, the market still worried that inflation will be more lasting, and will force the Fed to raise interest rates than before the previous expectations.

After it was sold again, as of the current and refreshing the day as low as $ 1812 / oz; US stocks three major stock index were sold again, the panic index soared more than 20%, and the Dao fell by 500 points, and the Nag was 2.5%.

Seeing the current market, I think it is normal, completely according to the fundamental, maybe many people don't understand, why did you go up?

I also told you that CPI will definitely be a good gold in the article yesterday, and the result is really right, stretching nearly 20 dollars. "05.12: Night of the big market! CPI inflation data is coming! "

However, I didn't expect that the Fed will come out so quickly boost the market.

We can understand the fundamentals in a slight analysis:

CPI expects 3.6%, the announcement value is much greater than expected, and 4.2% appear to analyze according to data, which is definitely a good fortune, more non-beauty.

So gold rose from 1820 to 1843, it is to take data expectations.

But from 1843 to 1818, it belongs to another message.

Clarid, Vice President of the Fed, said:, because the CPI is too high, the speech to raise interest rates in advance.

The CPI represents inflation, one but the CPI is too high, then the price is rising, while the US dollar will slowly depreciate.

This is also why Clarry wants to say that the interest rate interest rate hike will be a good dollar. This is also why the dollar can rebound directly near 90.1 to the current 90.8 here.

The dollar rose to 90.8, gold fell to 1812, and it is really normal. From now on, the US dollar 90.8 is already a pressing point of the daily line, so I don't look at the dollar to break through the limit. Here is the reason I have said to you in the article on Monday.

Because this is only because of a moment of speech, the raising interest rate is also early, so I believe that the dollar will continue to fall, as long as the dollar can break down 90.0 here, then I believe that the market will continue to explore the bottom of 88.

Gold's current gold day line is still a gains, and the effective support is currently at 1815, followed by the 1800-05 interval.

Although the minimum falls to 1812, it can be seen that the small line entity K line is still above 1815, so 1815 Here is still effective.

We can see the trend of the golden daily line, how is it coming, after two finishing, he slowly rushed.

At present, I believe that there will be a third tailor, and the previous paragraph will be copied. But the only thing is now, it is not determined that it will rectify at 1820-15 or to rectify at 1800-05.

But there is no doubt that these two intervals are we can do more low support positions.

So I will now open a warehouse in 1820-15. If you say that you will not break 1815, then this interval will be in a row of gold in gold, then the market will continue to rush to 1850, and higher Dot position.

But say, if you fall below 1820-15, then the next section is definitely 1805-1800 here, we can still lay out more in this section.

Disclaimer: The above analysis only represents the author's personal point of view, does not constitute a specific operation, the article has a lag, according to this operation, profit and loss, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious.

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