The world's safest 3 countries exposure, famous Chinese list, where is the other 2?

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Figure For the Chinese Army

Recently, the world's safest 3 national exposure, the Chinese list is famous, and the first place didn't expect, even if the Americans are also envious, then in other two countries, where is the other two countries ? These two countries are Switzerland and Vatican, all of which are European countries, and many people will launch Liechtenstein or Denmark as the safest country, why did it change now?

The picture shows the Swiss Army

For the security of the safest country, it is not only a country's ability to respond to war, but also includes a country to respond to major disasters and social security, many people basically only consider the first point, Switzerland can become many The security of the human heart is directly related to the status of the country.

The picture shows the Swiss Army

It is also relying on this, so that Switzerland is safe in the two world wars, although Switzerland maintains neutral, it does not mean that the country's national defense is weak, you must know that Switzerland is also a national soldier, once armed Even the traditional European strong country also looked like, so Germany did not dare to attack Switzerland during World War II, and now Switzerland has become a World Bank. If which country dares to move to Switzerland, it is equal to the money of other countries, no country will promise, so it seems I really don't have any country dare to move to Switzerland.

Another country Vatican , this country is very special, can be said to be one of the smallest countries in the world, because Vatican is originally a reli gious country, is the residence of the European Pope, even if there is a war, no country will go Attack Vatican, one is there is no strategic value, and its second attack Vatican will therefore sin many religious countries, even even the national nationals are not lane, so Vatican can be spared in war.

The picture shows the Chinese police

So why China can be the safest country? Today, the rise of China's national defense is also a vision. Now China's strength can deal with any war, so there is no country dare to provoke the war between China, otherwise it is self-defense, and China's security is quite Nice, the sky-eye system has been popular in China, and there are frequent violent criminal incidents in the United States, such as shooting robbery, but there is no face of these problems in China. Many foreigners have been very surprised after coming to China. I f eel unbelievable, because in abroad, if I go out at night, it is likely to encounter a variety of dangers, and this is precisely the embodiment of China.

After experiencing this epidemic, let the world realize China's strength, we must know that China has 14 billion people, and in the early days of the epidemic, the population is very large, and it is also very difficult for epidemic prevention. If it is in the West Country, then this situation is basically a dead bureau, it is unresolved, but China has been in just 2 months, and successfully curbed the epidemic, so that China is a well-deserved country.

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