There are 5 countries around China, and international people: Fortunately, in China, not US

ioeinternet 13/09/2021 1816

At present, the international situation is experiencing a big change. Although it is general, the world is peaceful, stable, but some places are still experiencing conflicts, confusion. It is worth noting that in this time, 5 countries around China have been conflicting, how is China?

First, the Myanmar conflict is still upgraded, and the large-scale shooting is often happening. At present, the Myanmar military and Kachin armed organization have taken a number of conflicts. Myanmar military security forces launched air strikes, and both parties also used mortars. At the same time, the Burmese's crisis remains continuous, the Angushan Leaders' leadership, the confrontation between protesters has never stopped.

Then, two border countries in the western China also began to fame in the same room. At the end of April, a border conflict broke out in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, causing casualties. At present, the two sides have reached a ceasefire agreement, but because both borders are unknown, this conflict may still exist in the future.

Then, the Philippine army also made up with armed elements. Recently, the Philippine militants took the opportunity to attack Pagras, and an exchange of fire and tried to occupy the strategic. The local people were forced to evacuate quickly, and the military was blocked in the district. Then the armed elements began to roll the soil, and the Philippine military and militants were repeatedly war. The Philippines Armed Forest has not been resolved, especially the Philippines is about to welcome the election, and the situation is very complicated, and the conflict may further out of control at any time.

Then, Afghanistan once again caught the conflict. After the US military was evacuated, the Afghan army and Taliban began frequent traffic. Recently, the Afghan National Defense said that in the past one day, the Afghan security forces won 288 Taliban armed and destroyed a lot of weapons and ammunition. The Taliban will not be willing to continue planning a multi-game attack. According to the latest news, Taliban occupied the suburban area of Afghanistan. It is worth noting that behind these turmoil, there is almost all of the shadow of the United States. There are also international analysts, "Celebration is near China, if it is a neighboring country, what will happen?"

However, when the surrounding country is chaotic, China has actively played their role. China held a meeting in South Asia, I hope that countries will focus on epidemic. Recently, the second meeting of "China + Central Asia" Foreign Minister has also held the second meeting of the united anti-videontics, and continued to promote the "all the way" initiative. Foreign ministers of all countries also specialize in the current situation in Afghanistan and how to play the role of neighboring countries. Discussion, calling on the Organization should play a role in the Changzhi of Afghanistan. China uses yourself gentle and powerful diplomatic power to promote regional stability. This world is still a turbulent, the world is not peace, we are just living in a peaceful country. (A dream)

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