Leeco Will Return to Super TV To Occupy the c position. Will The Storyteller Be jia yueeting?

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You are not in the rivers and lakes, but there is always your legend on the rivers and lakes.

This sentence is described in the "death and regeneration, life to death". When we also put the focus to Jia Jue Ting, LeTV official invitation letter quietly came out. In the invitation of the network exposure, Muslike official will hold a LeTV intelligent ecological conference on May 18th. Several characters "I will come back", there is a phoenix nirvana.

We noticed that although it was surrounded by a stunning camera, LeTV VR, driving recorder, etc.

User users who know that LeTTT should know that before the "LeTV Crisis", the influence of LeTV smart TV cannot be underestimated. The boundless frame products that have brought have even hit the traditional home appliance industry. I believe that the new product brought by LeTV TV that has gone through 8 years is really worthy of "super" name.

In addition, the LeTV super mobile phone appeared above the left side of the silhouette, and the industry turned into the industry's turmoil? In addition to these, LeTV smart speakers, LeTV smart watches, game poles, these dazzling products are rare to be released one time? But I think about the theme of the conference is to spread around LeTV, so many products appear in "PPT" and not blame.

In addition to the product, let the netizens care about the product.

For example, the silhouette in the invitation letter, there is a netizen guessing is Jia Yueping himself. Is it really going to come back?

How is the truth, is not as good as I travel together through LeTV Super TV and LeTV video live together.

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