Paper industry wastewater treatment

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The papermaking industry is the industry that manufactures various types of paper products. In the process of papermaking, a large amount of industrial wastewater is generated. These wastewater is huge, then what is the harm to water pollution to water pollution today?

The paper industry is an important industry related to national economic development and social civilization construction, but paper industry pollution has always been a hot spot for environmental protection. Because there is a large amount of industrial wastewater in the process of papermaking, these wastewater is huge, then what harmful to water pollution?

First, the paper industry is a light industry with large production, more water, and has a serious energy consumption.

Second, water pollution is among the top of various industries, and if the wastewater of the papermaking industry is discharged into the river without effective treatment, the organic substances in the wastewater fermentation, oxidation, decomposition, consumption of oxygen in the water, so that fish, shellfish, etc. Aquatic biological hypoxia is dead; some small fibers are suspended in water, which is easy to block the fish, causing fish death.

Third, the deads, wood chips, sesame chips, corrosion, humiliation, etc. in wastewater, is slowly fermented, and there are still some non-fermentation, decomposition in the wastewater. Substances, suspended in water, absorb rays, reducing sunlight into the river, obstructing photosynthesis of aquatic plants; there are some toxic and hazardous substances with cancer, teratogenic, and mutation.

In short, the paper wastewater makes the river and the river is turbid, malodorant, water and shrimp, mosquito flies, locusts, seriously threatening the health of the residents, causing diseases such as dysentery, enteritis, acne, etc., while still not conducive to farmland Irrigation and human animals drinking water. Some solid waste emissions from paper industry such as rotten slurry, slag, bark, broken wood chips, grassroots, coal gray residue, etc., occupy venue, fermentation, release of odor, raining, also flowing out to poisonous water, pollute ground Water and ground water sources. The noise of exhaust gas and soot and machinery produced by boiler coal during production process also affects staff and nearby residents. More sewage treatment methods, please consult the environmental protection.

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