Unknown jewelry brands are more than 12.65 million, 7 days, and you can use it.

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This jewelry brand is unknown in the industry, but earning more than Zhou Dafu, it is more than 236.55 million in just seven days. His sellers can be used.

The boss of the business store knows that since the e-commerce, the operating cost of the store is constantly climbing, the guest is limited, it is difficult to touch the "injury" shop, not to mention the jewel, this type of low frequency is not the need for goods, Want to sell well, only sustainable and large-scale Tacrota more potential customers, promote sales. Both live broadcast is the most direct channel. The live broadcast method of this jewelry brand is low, easy to operate, you absolutely use it.

The first is to establish a brand matrix, expand influence, and he has made a precise vertical positioning for each account, covering multiple categories, accurately accessing different needs, and also gathered through the matrix.

Secondly, it is the establishment of a cattle, attracting attention, his anchor is the jewelry identifier, will explain the expertise in the live broadcast, explain the expertise, improve the user's stickiness, sometimes go to the outdoor live broadcast, but it is 7 days Sold 23655 million, inseparable from its 24-hour non-stop live broadcast. And this is also the exclusive advantage of the live broadcast of business. Twenty-four-hour round-broadcasted not only makes the user to place an order, but also enhance the weight of live broadcast, get more natural traffic.

In the field of live broadcast, all walks of life have unique earning laws, no longer being covered by famous bracelets, in addition to selling, companies can also show production environment, product details, shaping brand image, attracting potential collaborators, bringing revenue High growth, whether you are a retail investment to join or the service industry, you can find the most suitable live broadcast.

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