Semiconductor lasers and laser power

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Semiconductor lasers and laser power

The direct semiconductor laser output power covers 10W to 500W, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, and output power stabilizes. Direct semiconductor lasers below 200W achieve small-sized, portable, and suitable for tin soldering, plastic welding, laser medical treatment. Direct semiconductor lasers with more than 200W use external water-cooled mode, suitable for metal surface treatment, 3D printing, rapid molding and other fields. Direct semiconductor lasers can not only meet the diversified needs of users, but also provide personalized professional customization. At present, the output joint of the laser provides SMA905 or D80 optional in low power applications, high power lasers optional QCS or QBH, with a variety of control modes. The internal control passes the touch screen set parameters, controls the light, and the multi-stage waveform editable; the external control simulation controls the light power size, the TTL high speed modulated laser output; RS232 remote control, etc.

Semiconductor lasers and laser power

What is the characteristics?

A variety of wavelengths can be selected [785 nm, 808 nm, 915 nm, 940 nm, 980 nm, 1470 nm, etc.]

Electro-optical conversion efficiency is high

Output fiber length can be customized

SMA905, QBH connector optional

Air cooling or water is optional


Modulation frequency range wide

Semiconductor lasers and laser power

Can I be applied to those areas?

Laser solder

Plastic welding

Laser medical

Laser pump

Metal surface treatment

3D printing

Semiconductor lasers and laser power  Semiconductor lasers and laser power  这种激光器看起来就非常酷,智能化结构Semiconductor lasers and laser power  Semiconductor lasers and laser power  这是一个参数表,能够让读者更好的理解激光器和电源有哪些作用Semiconductor lasers and laser power  这些都是一些实例Semiconductor lasers and laser power

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