The third episode of the classics - Zhong Lu Communication set: 7. On the seventh waterfire

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On the seventh water

Lu Yan: "People's long livelishers, refining Jin Dan. I want to alder Jin Dan, first pick up the yellow bud. I want to have a yellow bud, I have to be dragon tiger. The so-called real dragon is born in the palace. Zhenhu is born in the ridge. There is a water fire. Hoist, what is it? "

Zhong Wei: "Everything is in a righteous, four seas, five lakes, Jiujiang, Sanyao, Huaqi, Yaochi, Fengchi, Tianchi, Wang Chi, Kunchi, Yuantan, Yuyuan, Shenshui, Jinbo, Qioner , Yuquan, Yangfu, Snow ... If this is the name, it is not ready to Chen. In all body, the fire, the fire, the fire, the people, the three fires are in Yuanyang, and the true gas, true Gas gathered, it is weak, and it is weak. If it is exhausted, Yuan Yang, Yuan Yang, pure Yangcheng, Yuan Shenzhi, is dead. "

Lu Yan: "In the people, you will make a three fire in a single Yuanyang. Three fires shot in the shawlings, and it is easy to dissipate and it is difficult to dissipate. If this is weak, the fire is more It is so fast that the decline is long, and what is it? "

Zhong Yan: "The heart is the blood sea, the kidney is the gas sea, the brain is the marrow sea, the spleen and stomach is the sea of ​​water valley, is the four seas, the five dirty liquids, the main part of the Lord East West Northern North China, this is the five lakes The small intestine is four feet and the top and down nine songs. It is the Tanjiang, the small intestine is so this. The top is the island, the heart island, the kidney is in the island. San Island, the roots, the Shuyuan said. China In Huang Ting, before Yaochi out of Danque, Qunchi took Yugujing, Tianchi Zhengzhou, between Fengchi, between the hearts of the lungs, Yuchi is in the lips and teeth. The golden waves are finaled in the sky. Red Dragon residence, Self-Qiong Liquan. After the preparation, the party will see the white snow. Water Sometimes, with Wollan Sheng, first,,, can be Dan. Oil adds, should bathe. First , , all can be refined. The jade medicine gold flowers will become the body of the white, and the ganu is refining into a fragrance. If the effect of this water is rising, the husband is rising, and the kidney is a true water; The water rises, and the effusion is angry. Small demon is sick, the refinery is burn Dan. After the fire is burned, the Le Yanguan also returned the medicine. Don't Yang Yanyu The tiredness of the three corpses is in addition to the yin. The upside will hit three levels. If the delivery is done. The refining and forming the gas, and

the refining is a god, and it is like it. If this is the fire effect "

Lu Wei: "Started, the patient is much smaller and easy to decoy. Listen to high theory, the water is so good. After all, how to make it, so the wealth can be enhanced?"

Zhong Yan: "The second eight yin, the nine three Yang long, Herzijin Dan, refers to the day, the seven return nine, the fetter is also self-cultivation. The heart is in the heart, the heart is the source of liquid. Yuanyang in the kidney, The kidney is the sea. The bladder is for the people, but not only the people, can't use, and the bladder is also the government of the Jinluo. If you don't reach the sky, you can measure the pirational, the dealers are difficult to make, and it is unhading from the disease death. "

Lu Wei: "The so-called creation, so that the Yangdong is wanted, Jin Dan can become a self-cultivation, what is it?"

Zhong Yan: "The heart of the human heart is out of an octama, which is the ratio of the heavens and the earth. The gas fluid is too extreme, it is also the ratio of Yin Yang. On the day of the year, it is also the ratio of December. Liquid, non-self-born, due to the lung fluid and liquidation. Liquid couple, from top to bottom, with the landing of the field, it is a husband, the kidney is angry, non-self-born, due to bladder, kidney Mother, from the bottom of the middle, Nairu is still a woman. The liver is guided by the kidney, from bottom to the heart. Heart, fire, the second gas intersect fuma in the lungs, lung flu flu flu flu Decline, you have a sore fluid in your own, it is not dissipated with liquid in your heart, so you are true. Pulmonary fluid transport heart liquid, from top to bottom to kidney. Kidney, water, water, water intersection , Invasion of the bladder, the bladder is rising, and the kidneys are all in the kidney, which is gas to kidney without licking. Therefore, the real fire is also in the water, it is awkward, there is some object. It is not necessary to take it. The real water is in the fire, and he is in the fire, and it is delicate. It can't stay, you can't stay. "

Lu Wei: "Kidney, water is also angry, the name is true, the fire is the heart, the fire is also, the fire is born, the name is the same as the water, the water is in the water, the essence of the water No crisis, it is rare, how is it used? "

Zhong Yan: "The ancient temptation, not from this bis, change the yellow bud, and the fetal tire is completed into a big medicine, it is the real dragon, the truth."

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