WeChat applet VANT WEAPP UI Frame Integrated Steps

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Some small partners always encounter problems that cannot be installed when they integrate Vant-weapp-ui. The private letter asks me how to solve it. Now I have already set up a installed document, let the new little friends will fill some pits less

Official website Address: Quick Purchase - Vant WEAP (Youzan.github.io)

Reminder Don't follow the official website installation, or you will crash, follow the documentation step by step to ensure success,

Demand: 1. The computer needs to be installed - node.js - "Since making a small program development, Node.js should be installed)

3. Please update the tool to version 1.05

installation steps:

Enable NPM module in the tool

2. Create package.json

// Initialize package.json file Note: == Explorer The left internal terminal ==, keep package.json and miniprogram you will encounter pit,

// Don't build later, I can't find the error of the file package.json file.

npm init

// After performing this command, you will generate a package.json file

3. Install package generation package.json

/ / Must execute this command, will generate a package of package-lock.json, this step is very important

npm install

4. Install Vant -WeApp UI

npm i @vant/weapp -S --production

# Do this you will see a folder of Node_Modules, this is the installation is successful.

5. Delete "Style" in app.json: "V2"

6. Modify the file in Project.config.json to modify and add the following code in Setting, modified code as shown

"setting": {


"packnpmmanually": True,

PacknPMRELAST ": [


"packagejsonpath": "./package.json",





7. Build npm If it is not built in this step, please re-follow the first step.

8. In App.json, you need to use the component page. Json file to introduce VANT-APP components

## example Add this code in App.json, this only referenced the Button component, each component used is introduced

UsingComponents ": {

"Van-Button": "@ VANT / WeApp / Button / INDEX"


9. Use the test in the page to be installed successfully

Test Button

10. Run the button as follows, see this button Congratulations, you have successful installation

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