Xiaomi won! Will be removed from the list of sanctions

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According to financial network reports, US Time on May 11, 2021, Xiaomi Group and the US Department of Defense once again released a joint state report on military inventory litigation.

According to the report, the original defendant has agreed to the peaceful resolution lawsuit, the US government recognizes the procedures on the military list, willing to reconcile the Xiaomi Group, and move the Xiaomi Group out of the military sanctions on January 14th.

On January 14 this year, the US government included 9 Chinese companies such as NDAA "China Military Companies" related list, which released investment ban to prevent US investors from investing in these companies.

Xiaomi believes that there is a problem that the program is incapable and the facts, and the Ministry of Finance of the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury, the Ministry of Finance, the United States, the United States. The court requesting the court to decide that the decision will be violated and revoke the decision.

On May 12, the General Administration of Market Supervision officially announced the "Electric Automotive Safety Requirements" national standards, which will be implemented on November 1, 2021.

This standard is suitable for M1 pure electric vehicles that can be electrified electricity, which specifies 5,000 (snap-in) and 1,500 (bolt-type) minimum number of shifts to ensure that users are energized during vehicle design life. Mechanical safety.

In addition, in terms of high pressure safety, the standard clearly requires the DC insulation resistance resistance of the power transmission system to be greater than 100 Ω / V, and the AC circuit insulation resistance should be greater than 500Ω / V.

The implementation of this standard helps to improve the safety level of mechanical strength, electrical safety, environmental adaptability, etc., to ensure the safety of electric vehicles in mechanical strength, electrical safety, and environmental adaptability.


Recently, Bosters Jon Prosser said that Apple's next-generation MacBook Air will adopt a new design and colorful color colors and release a set of new MacBook AIR rendering.

As you can see from the rendering, the new MacBook Air is the same as the 24-inch M1 chip IMAC, using seven color schemes. At the same time, the keyboard uses white color matching similar to the wonderful control keyboard and equipped with a full size function key. It is in a larger than the keyboard, resulting in a slightly narrowing of the touch board size.

In addition, the new MacBook AIR will be equipped with two USB-C interfaces, located on both sides of the fuselage, but the Magsafe interface is not seen in this set of rendering. Previously, Bloomberg news said that future MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will support Magsafe.

According to the previous news, the new MacBook AIR may be equipped with a self-developing M2 chip, and performance will be further improved. It is expected to be released at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Compared with the colorful color of IMAC, the colorful color matching of MacBook Air seems to be more pleasant. If it is you, will you choose which color?

Data show that in April 2021 Tencent "King Glory" in the global App Store and Google Play suction of more than 258 million US dollars, an increase of 38.4% in April 2020, and won the global mobile game top-selling champion. Revenue from China APP Store accounted for 96%.

In addition, Tencent "Peace Elite" and "Pubg Mobile" are second in list of $ 230 million in income list. Among them, 60% of income comes from the "Peace Elite" IOS version, "Pubg Mobile" accounts for 11% in the US market.

How much is your spending in the mobile game?

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