[17 brainstorms, change the last version] 2020 Site Museum Practical Notes

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Hello, I am a fire elevator.

Over time, we gradually entered the deep water area of the exam, and students were spitting bubbles, and there were also classmates have floated the corner, and we also have a deep foot and one foot. In the end, the left or right, forward or back, it is uncertain, and the hand is helpless.

The exam is the case, and afterwards, look at it, it is in the white. The revolution has not been successful, and comrades need to work hard, and our program has problems, but also adjusted.

I can only use the beauty of two to stinky, these lights have been put outside. Public toilets are all clear, indicating that it is not putting it inside. That is to say, the exhibition hall is changed to 20x20 layout, and the layout of the toilet is put below it is not established.

A little excited, the sketch bubble wire is a bit more, draw a straight line-based finalization plan, the number of years old is also big, the brain nutrients are also able to give up, this is a typical symptom of decision-making fatigue.

02. Draw a clear picture

Every time we have out last year, I will do it. I found that when I didn't go on the process, the simplest and most ruthful and most important way, one is two, one is going back to read the question, one is Draw a clear picture.

Go back and read questions

Draw a clear picture

Put the fragmented picture together, draw a blurred pencil line drain on the ink slide, and suddenly the scheme accounts for a new step. In the past, there was no feeling, and the offline classes saw the student's paintings. Why didn't I use a pencil? I also suggested that he must a pencil sketch throughout four hours. As a result, I have used it now. Sure enough, I can't go back.

Now this version of the program should be able to pass, you will look at the official students.

03. Write a sign

I have been thinking about it, I have been thinking, what is the test, but I haven't moved. After another, it is a result, the score is quite high, I am a little floating, then this thing is even more. It's the worst of the past year, but the score is the highest.

Until the first two days ago, I found out the problem. On the basis of this version, I only need to change that a little bit, the problem of the regional bathroom is solved, and the answer will come out. It was not thinking on the examination room at the time, that is, there is no change in such a little bit.

And the feeling of laughing, it seems that there is a few hundred Maotai. That problem is here, you can see, how do you change this?

The elevator takes you to take a note, and the 6-hour scheme is in progress.

How is the foreigner, please follow the decomposition.

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