ModiFICivity Case Audi A6L-2.0T Upgrade First-Order "DME Plug-In Computer"

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This generation of Audi A6L actually reserves the image of A6 car system, from the "official car" to "business car" cured impression from this generation product has been subversive, although someone will hear the name of A6L thinks Two synonym, but if you really see, touch it, when you drive this generation Audi A6L, you will have to change.

On the power system, it is different from the previous 1.8T. This time is started at 2.0T, it is also divided into two versions, and there is 12V light mix, and the 3.0TV6 version will also standardize 48V lightly, match 7 speed stronic Double clutch gearbox. A mixed injection 2.0L turbo pressurium provides peak power of 140 kW and 165 kW, respectively. Match small inertia turbocharged systems, further enhance the dynamic response speed of the engine. The new 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine provides a maximum output power of 250 kW, ie 340 horsepower.

Take a look at this 2.0T high-power engine upgrade is how much it will increase in the first step.

DME plug-in computer! 3D mapping debugging data, turbine intervention time in advance, start faster! The power is given, accelerate the back of the back! Improve the torque output, the variable box is fast, the shift is more smooth! No lossless installation, plug and play, does not affect the original vehicle warranty! Change replacement programs can also continue to use!

Audi A6L-2.0T

Power: 165kw

Engine No .: DKW

Upgrade product:

DME- plug-in computer

Upgrade data:

Original engine output data: 224PS 350N.m

Upgrade the engine output data: 291PS 455N.m

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